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Let Recovery Billing Solutions Specialists worry about your time-consuming business administrative and revenue management processes, so you can concentrate on what you do best: Caring for your patients.

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Is Your Medical Practice using “The Cloud” and other Technologies?

Technology affects every corner of our lives. Many medical practices have shied away from using offsite or “cloud” storage. The truth is, it and other technological advances can help increase the efficiency in your practice, allowing you to spendRead More...

3 Tips for Obtaining the Coveted Pre-Authorization Status

The changes in healthcare legislation in the last couple of years has made pre-authorization essential for the financial health of many medical practices. By obtaining this authorization, the insurance company understands and supports the best trRead More...

Is Your Medical Practice Ready For ICD-10-CM/PCS?

While many medical practices breathed a sign of relief in unison when the implementation of ICD-10 was delayed, there is no time to waste in getting ready for this transition. In 12 months, ICD-10-CM/PCS will be a reality. This is not one of thosRead More...

Effective Communication Strategies for Your Medical Practice

  New and previous patients alike must be kept abreast of changes in your practice, your policies and in healthcare topics of interest. As with any business, it is essential that your patients feel connected to you and your healthcare teaRead More...

Evaluating Your Collections Policy

Collecting overdue claims from patients can be difficult. Not only is it a challenge to collect from someone that you have a healthcare relationship with, it is time consuming. If you have a formal policy for collections in your medical practice Read More...

Being Competitive in Today’s Healthcare Market

With all of the changes in healthcare regulation and insurance over the last several years, many small healthcare practices have experienced a decrease in revenues and billable services. This is not an uncommon challenge today but it is one that Read More...