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is a nationally-accredited administrative and revenue management service provider, with over 20 years experience, delivering high value-added services to medical practices.

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Let Recovery Billing Solutions Specialists worry about your time-consuming business administrative and revenue management processes, so you can concentrate on what you do best: Caring for your patients.

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Electronic Patient Records and Billing Service


Insurance Negotiations, Contracts, and Authorizations


Prompt Payment Posting and Persistent Collections


Providing Clear Insight into the Well Being of your Practice

Being Competitive in Today’s Healthcare Market

With all of the changes in healthcare regulation and insurance over the last several years, many small healthcare practices have experienced a decrease in revenues and billable services. This is not an uncommon challenge today but it is one that Read More...

Responding to Online Reviews of Your Medical Practice

Everyone has read them and many have posted them – negative service reviews. It is becoming more and more prevalent that medical practices are finding themselves being criticized (rightly or not) in online forums and review sites. While good reviRead More...

Maximizing Your Medical Practice’s Revenue Cycle

Is your medical practice reaching your highest revenue potential? Are you faced with a high percentage of claim denials from insurance companies? If so, it is time to be proactive! Below are 5 tips to maximize your revenue and create healthy cashRead More...

Encouraging a Healthy Work-Life Balance in Your Medical Practice

Let’s face it; the healthcare industry is wrought with stressed out workers. While the healthcare legislation has had an impact, so has the economy. While costs have increased so have denials leading many medical practices to have to scale back oRead More...

Streamline Your Medical Coding and Billing to Increase Revenue

Regardless of the type of business, industry or size, reducing the number of days of receivables on your A/R report is essential to financial health. For medical practices, this is even more relevant. While small and mid-sized businesses are faceRead More...

Encourage Your Patients to Consult with You, Instead of the Internet

More and more of your patients are turning to the Internet for self-diagnosis. This can be good but it also can be dangerous. Unfortunately, there are many individuals online posing as medical “experts” providing unsound medical advice, while selRead More...