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is a nationally-accredited administrative and revenue management service provider, with over 20 years experience, delivering high value-added services to medical practices.

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Let Recovery Billing Solutions Specialists worry about your time-consuming business administrative and revenue management processes, so you can concentrate on what you do best: Caring for your patients.

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Prompt Payment Posting and Persistent Collections


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4 HIPAA Compliance Tips

HIPAA violations can cause your medical practices hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for just one infraction. It is essential that you office be more than adequately equipped to handle patient records and information at the highest levels Read More...

Are you looking for New Office Staff?

Turnover of employees is the concern of all small businesses and medical practices are no different. However, there are special considerations for medical professionals. Because of the high-stress environment, patient confidentiality and close woRead More...

5 Essential Tips for Handling Medical Billing Appeals

With all of the changes in healthcare coverage, new legislation and an increase of medical claim denials, many medical practices are finding themselves suffering from lowered revenue. To combat the denials, medical practices can and should, appeaRead More...

Great Patient Care + Effective Billing + Accurate Coding = Financially Healthy Medical Practice

As a medical practice, you understand the dramatic changes that have come the last few years as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Many small practices have merged with other practices, while others have created alliances with hospitals to helpRead More...

Medical Billing for Home Healthcare Professionals

More and more individuals are choosing to stay at home as they age instead of choosing to live in an assisted living retirement facility. This change reflects many dynamics including the rising costs of long-term care, lack of acceptable facilitiRead More...

Top 6 Medical Billing Mistakes

Failure to Verify Insurance One of the top billing mistakes is failing to verify insurance coverage, prior to providing medical service. With the recent upheaval of the healthcare system, more and more practices are finding that their patientsRead More...